Visible Language Workshop

Muriel Cooper, MIT Media Lab


The Visible Language Workshop is a research group linked with the MIT department of architecture. The goal is to make legible a huge body of information without simplifying the sense and the typographic quality. This research group is a pioneer in design and transformed the multimedia communication field. This research brought new forms, methods and technics for graphic design in emergence of texts and information on screens and computers.

Introducing Muriel Cooper

Muriel Cooper (1925 – 1994) was a typeface and graphic designer, whose career was mostly done in and with the MIT.
After her studies, she settled down in New York to occupy a post in the communication field. At that time she met Paul Rand (graphic designer for the MIT Media Lab building) who had a huge influence on her all body of work.
In 1952, she became art director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology office of publication for who she designed numerous books and covers, acclaimed by the profession.
She opened her own studio in 1963, her main client was the MIT Press, for which she designed books. She is a teacher in numerous establishments, mainly on the east coast and in Italy.
In 1967 she is returned to her position at the MIT Press and also occupied the post of first art director of the media lab. It is in 1973 that Muriel Cooper became co-founder of the media Lab where she teaches Interactive Media Design and creates the research pole of the Visible Language Workshop.
Muriel Cooper’s work had a huge influence on all of her students that will, for number of themany of whom went on to follow her path inside the Media Lab.

Tool creation / increment