Use & Modify

Raphaël Bastide


Use & Modify is a micro foundry and personal curation.
It's a project the designer made for himself. Is't a curation project where he selects professional and amatory styles font. He thinks quality is big deal because there is as many practices and profiles as tastes. The quality of the font is when and how it is used and so it's just never the same. There is no « really » beautiful shapes but fonts with personality, a background history and a context (Each font has a dedicated page). But for sure a big part is dedicated in what he is also really interested in : the licenses.

Use & modify works with specific entries like tag/authors/parent-ship/Bitcoin glyph/ similarities between fonts -> slideshow is important to show the document about the history of the font.

Raphaël Bastide

“He does weird stuff” His mom.

Création/Augmentation d'outils, Tool creation / increment, Partage de la documentation, Document sharing, Partage des sources, Source sharing, Utilisation de logiciels open-source, Using free softwares