Identité du Théâtre Balsamine

Open Source Publishing


Since 2011, Open Source Publishing is in charge of the graphic design identity and communication of the Balsamine theater, based in Brussels. OSP designed the complete identity using only open source tools. For three seasons, the studio created the program, the différents posters, the website, the signage, the flyers and other objects for the theater.
They use free fonts (Ume Free Fonts), and Free Software (F/OSS) Scribus , Inkscape , Gimp , Gaphiviz , Pmwiki , FontForge. With this project, they prove that doing a commission graphic work with F/OSS is possible.

Introducting Open Source Publishing

Open Source Publishing is a graphic design studio that uses only free softwares. The studio is composed of members who come from different practices: typography, graphic design, programming, math, writings, art... OSP has set itself the objective of testing possibilities and realities linked to the graphic design practice. Is it possible, in a design graphic work, to use only a "free" system ? So, they work on projects, commissioned or not, seeking to redefine their playground, rethinking their relationship with tools. They organize many workshops, in art school, participate in festivals on the open source culture and give conferences to make better know the use of "free" in graphic design.
OSP has also a typographical foundry where they offer free fonts they create under a free licence. Their website provides access to all sources of their projects, using the Git system (versioning). Usually used to share source code and for several people working on the same code, OSP uses Git to work together on graphic design projects (typography, visual identity, website...). Their works are shown on their website as a visual interface of a git system. Visitors can follow the progress of ongoing projects, and clone the git repositories on their computers.

Tool creation / increment, Document sharing, Source sharing, Using free softwares