World Spectrum Archive



This project was commissioned by the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. Lust has designed a programme that analyzes daily news of the world published in Google News. The program uses these data to create a world map of coloured text. Each country has its text window that contains the five most recent news items. The programme also analyzes the content of this news to classify it on a scale ranging from positive to negative, from green to red. Different types of navigation are possible for the users: a map navigation, a linear navigation (from positive to negative) and a navigation by country.

Introducing Lust

Lust works with a method by which the analytic process leads to a final product via? self-design. The studio has decided to write its own code and to build its own tools. Bypassing the constraints of existing software, Lust think that the tool has a strong impact on the project design.

Tool creation / increment