A series of posters for the Make Art festival, an international festival dedicated to the "free" culture, in digital arts. Thus, Lafkon has generated posters from extracts of Processing code. The different Processing sketches are compiled into PDFs, then the software randomly selects PDFs that fits into a latex composition (programming language for layout) in order to produce a poster. The layout built in Latex is fixed, it's only the elements within that change. This design process allows the user to quickly generate many different posters.

Introducing Lafkon

Lafkon is a graphic design studio founded in 2001 by Benjamin Stephan and Christoph Haag. The studio works with generative design. They create tools to generate their images. They share all the source codes under a GPL or Creative Commons licence. Some projects are even explained from A to Z so that everyone can reproduce the process.
Lafkon has also developed a vector image database, where everyone is invited to use the images, to copy them, to improve them and to propose new ones. They are in a svg format, and produce with Inkscape the vector open source software.
In addition to working in an open source / free way, Lafkon works for organizations promoting these values.

Tool creation / increment, Document sharing, Source sharing, Using free softwares