Degré 48



Degré 48 is a conference/performance cycle, around the notion of the manifesto, which took place during 2013 at the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers.

The graphic design team g-u-i build an editing and publishing project that takes a new form during every edition. Those publications are posters relay of the conference. At every party a new device system is invented to create unique posters in real time, and so documenting the parties. The spectator can take some unique posters after the event. Every new device is documented to share its source code.
For the party in June the 28th 2013, g-u-i imagined a device based on a Dj mixer. Some of the people of the crew were in charge of collecting information about the performance (photographs, drawings, textual descriptions etc.). This information was sent, in real time, to the device. The other members of g-u-i team were working on the design of the texts and allocating other elements into specific folders. Each folder was linked to a mixer button and to specific places on the poster. A display allowed the user to pre-visualize the poster. To create a poster you just had to turn some of the mixer buttons to pass pictures and texts from a specific folder.

Tool creation / increment, Document sharing, Source sharing