Human Processing / We were hatching

Conditionnal Design


‘We were hatching’ is a project which is a part of a workshop by Conditional Design: Human Processing Unit at the University of Yale. This workshop offered Human beings the possibility to become a programme, a tool for producing a unique image. Each programme used A1 sheet of paper, 4 colored markers and was executed by 2-4 members. Thus each workshop project was governed by specific rules established in advance. The goal of this project was to create as many hatched areas as possible.

The rules:

Initial setup
Play with four players.
Each player has a colored pen: red, green, blue and black.
Each player places a dot on the sheet at an arbitrary position but not further than 10 cm from each other.
The players take turns:
Task to be performed every turn by each player

Draw a straight line
The line must connect two dots.
The angle of the line must be within the following range: 0 to 45 degrees for the black lines, 45 to 90 degrees for the blue lines, 90 to 135 degrees for the red lines, 135 to 180 degrees for the green lines.
Connect the line to an existing line if possible.
Draw the shortest possible line from your starting point. If you enclose an area (a plane surrounded by lines) then hatch it with lines parallel to the line you enclosed the area with. The enclosed area may not contain unconnected dots or open ended lines.
Place a dot
The position of the dot is no further than 10 cm from other dots and not inside the convex hull of all dots.

Introducing Conditionnal Design

Conditional Design is a team of graphic designers (Luna Maurer, Edo Paulus, Jonathan Puckey and Roel Wouters). They have been meeting every Thursday since 2008. They follow several guidelines including: "The process is the product.", "Logic is our tool.", "The input is our material". Conditional Design uses the Human being as material and rules as his tool to produce images. A project of Conditional Design takes place as follows: a table with a sheet of paper and colored markers, participants and rules. Participants have to follow the rules to create the image. On their website, you can find all the rules they have invented, so that everyone can replicate the process. Conditional Design projects often take place during workshops.

Tool creation / increment, Document sharing, Source sharing